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“Little John” Gangel aka John R. Gangel,

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“Little John” Gangel aka John R. Gangel, “Big John” aka John L. Gangel and Moe Gronsky opened Musket and Sabre Antique Arms in Costa Mesa, CA in 1968. Little John had been keenly interested in Antique Arms and the opportunity to open a Gun Business came along due to a friendship with Moe Gronsky and the support of his father “Big John”. Together the three operated the Musket and Sabre until 1972 when Little John and Big John opened Little John’s Antique Arms in Midway City, CA. In 1974 they purchased a Bank Building on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, CA and they opened The Arms Locker managed by Bill and Rita Molnar. In 1975 Robert Elz made “Little John an offer he could not refuse” which was a 50% partnership in the iconic Elz Fargo Antique Arms store located on Main Street in Santa Ana, CA.
In the mid 1970’s Little John ran 3 Gun Shops over 40 miles apart and without a doubt became a Dominant Collectible Arms Dealer recognized Nationwide. Little John along with his father consigned to and attended auctions for more than a decade by 1978, mostly supporting their close friend Capt. Robert Greene. Little John took the Helm and began promoting Firearms Auctions in Pasadena at the Hilton Hotel. The following 40 years he has seen over 200 Arms Auctions with Iconic Sales such as The James Gordon Winchester Collection, The Robert E. Petersen Collection, The Lyle Corcoran Hollywood Gun Shop Collection, The William Gary Confederate Pistol Collection, The Stembridge Armory-Movie Arsenal, The Johnny Woodard Collection, The Carl Cowles Collection, The Hugh Hayes Collection, The Charlie Schreiner III Collection, The Robert B. Berryman Collection and others too numerous to mention.
During this 4-decade period Little John’s Antique Arms also produced over 100 Oriental Art Sales for Eileen of China and Principal George Hsieh who represented China in the Sales of Asian Arts and Antiquities. Little John also produced multiple Jewelry Liquidations for Pearson and Assoc. National Leading Manufacturer of Fine Jewelry along with Estate Jewelry Auctions.
Fine Western Art occasionally came Little John’s way and he sold the Personal Collection of Jimmy Fowler, Founder of Period Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ., The Robert E. Petersen Sporting Art Collection along with innumerable other consignments from Major Estates and Collectors. Frank Semmo of Sundance Trading actively worked with Little John buying and selling Major Western Art and Little John called many Art Sales for Tom Mattews of the Las Vegas Art Auctions, Reata Pass Auctions and a host of others.
John R. Gangel has had an active multi-faceted career promoting most every type of auction and also as a Private Dealer representing America’s Best and Biggest Collectors. “Little John” is known to treat every Collector, their families and Student of Arms with the Respect and Dignity they deserve. His reputation remains stellar after nearly 50 years in “The Ring” and he fights for his Consignors with a vigor unmatched in the trade. His auction ability and style have won wide acclaim. It’s a “Real Deal” and Fair Chance with absolutely no games!
As a Private Dealer he has sold the Best of Collectible Colts, Winchesters and European Arms. Notable items Little John brokered include #1 Texas Paterson, Samuel Colt’s Paterson, #601 The Herb Green Paterson, The Pohamus Walker, #1010 Walker’s Walker, the only Engraved Walker, The Emperor of Japan’s Gold Inlaid ’92 Winchester and over 90 Texas Patersons and 88 Authentic Walkers. Professional and Old Time Dealers are among Little John’s greatest proponents, you can ask anyone with 20 years “in the game” and they will know of Little John’s Auction Service.
Little John along with his wife Diana and the entire Gangel Family and extended Family have worked nearly a half century to Promote Honest and Fair Auctions along with Equitable Private Dealings. Little John’s maintains the Comradery of the “Old Days” and aspires to leave every buyer, seller and consignor satisfied and in maintain a continued Business relationship and Friendship for the next decades. Little John is a valued member of the Arms Fraternity.
Our Sales are not the Biggest but they are “The Best”.